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When do I book a Senior Session?

Never too early to book your senior sessions. They may be due in October/November, or due in early Spring as every district is different. It is time to think about it in your child's Junior year. Why? Different seasons give different looks. What vision does your senior want for their photos? In Washington we have pretty set seasons. Flowers bloom select times of the year, weather is wet about 7+ months in a year, and daylight is limited half of the year.

Spring... The best time to book for flowers, and colorful sunsets. My personal favorite is Cherry Blossoms and Tulips. We can also go on a little adventure for some lingering snow without road conditions impacting the drive to the nearby mountains.

Summer is great for the beach sessions without the cold/windy conditions. Jetty Island is actually my favorite beach in the summer so shoot at. It is only open 8 weeks a year, accessible by walk on Ferry. Also, the later sunset sessions mean it is easier to work around work schedules/teen life schedules. Lavender, sweet pea and Delilah flowers bloom in the summer. Tall yellow grass is also easier to find since we are in the dryer season. Rivers are lower and rocks visible make for more dramatic backdrops. We have a couple smaller hikes to local waterfalls for that look. Another adventure I like to go on is in the mountains for wildflowers blooming.

Fall... well it is certainly a favorite time of the year for cooler weather, leaves changing colors, and pumpkin spice. Perfect for your senior that loves a good sweater, book, and warm drink in hand. It starts getting harder to find flowers, tall grass, and clear weather. The days also get shorter and my session calendar fills up fast, not to mention student calendar with senior activities, homework, and sports fill up.

I also love to incorporate a senior's passion. Do they play sports? Do they like art, or reading? Do they enjoy horses? I love to include it to make a custom experience for them.

So talk with your senior about what they want for senior photos. Seasons do matter. Be proactive about booking early. I offer a payment schedule with advance booking.

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