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Birth Session

Birth Session $1400

  • Maternity Session

  • One hour consult (video/in person) to go over birth plan 4 weeks before baby's birth.

  • Photographer is on call 24/7, four weeks prior to baby's birth and two weeks after due date. (up to 6 weeks total)

  • Photographer arrives 4 hours before estimated delivery of baby

  • Photographer captures active labor, and the transition into birth.***

  • Photographer will stay up to 2 hours after birth to capture bonding moments immediately after birth.***

  • 40-200 images delivered on USB. Color and B/W images in the collection. 


*** Job to perform my duties may be impacted if health of mom and/or baby is at risk. Medical staff may need me to step out of the room for certain procedures or for emergency intervention. 

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